Monday, January 9, 2017

Eurapia, Eurapia

I'll ask this question again: how many more children need to be sacrificed to this evil cult before regular people put a stop to it?

Every single one of these savage rapes is on Angela Merkel, not that she cares.

Every. Single. One.

She is an evil, despicable woman.

In other Eurabian news, surprise surprise-the Jews are leaving France in record numbers. 

It starts with the Jews but never ends with the Jews.

The Jews of Swedenistahn have seen this brewing for quite a while. 

Why should any of us, any of us civilized nations and persons give one care at all about these abusive, disgusting, sadistic barbarians? 

Maybe Meryl Streep will address this in her next award speech.

Meanwhile, a "Belgian" newspaper columnist has been fired for his enthusiastic support of the murder of four Israeli soldiers yesterday. He seems like a really charming chap, yes. Just a regular Belgian, yes?

And by the way, the Germans can seriously take this meaningless, vapid, stupid, empty, sh&tty "gesture" of "solidarity" and stick it up their collective, submissive, supine, loser, rape-enabling, child abuse enabling arses. 

Please, spare me how wonderful and touching this is. It actually makes me sick to my stomach. Spare me the Je Suis The Latest Victim of Savages, spare me the pretty lights, spare me the hashtags. Spare me all the cowardly, trite, virtue signalling phrases and useless slacktivism. Whoop-dee-doo. BFD.


Europe has entirely and utterly capitulated. 

They have moved from rabid Jew-hatred to rabid self-hatred in such a short, short time. They are in the 'sacrifice your young' phase of their "culture". This will not end well.

It's so very hard to shed any tears for Europe, so I shan't. I'm just not capable of it.