Saturday, January 28, 2017

Is Trump's Opening Act More Conservative Than Reagan?

Some say so. 

"...his early actions as president have been making liberals' heads swim.

"In his first three full days in office, Trump has ordered a freeze on federal hiring and raises, moved to overturn President Obama's ban on the Keystone XL pipeline, talked about turning Medicaid into block grants and vowed to cut spending by $10 trillion. He's been prodding the GOP to come up with an ObamaCare replacement plan now, not put it off for two years as the Republican leadership had planned. He re-instituted Reagan's ban on U.S. aid to foreign organizations that perform abortions. And he told business leaders he wants to cut federal regulations by 75% or "maybe more."

"Not even Reagan was as bold as Trump has been in pushing a conservative agenda right out of the gate."