Monday, January 9, 2017

On A Lighter Note: Why French Women Stay Hot Way Longer Than Other Women

This is a stupid article really. 

It's not because of feng shui, feng shuit-whatever.

French women stay looking like hot, feminine babes because they are rarely overweight, and they do not pretend to be 20 years younger by injecting plastic into their bodies.

If you look at the babes in the article, you'll note that they are mostly wearing solid colours, no garish patterns and all the lines are clean and neat. If there is a pattern, it's pretty subtle and it's for sure only on one item.

There are no rips and clothes fit well. They are also generally are not huge in the bosom department, but they don't shy away from showing a small and always tasteful amount of décolletage (not full frontal nipple, cup runneth over, porn star wanna be situations). Very little plastic surgery as well. They look at their imperfections and make them the sexiest part of the package. They don't rely on shiny and sparkles, they don't wear garish theatrical make up. The hair is either "done" or purposely messy-just-jumped out of bed after a toss with my fabulous lover style.

French women buy basic wardrobe items in basic colours and then incrementally switch out those items for more expensive and well made ones as they can afford them especially the scarf. 

Whenever I flip through American fashion magazines, I think to myself, 'would a French woman wear that', and usually the answer is hell no. Not that I can afford couture clothing, but if I could, it would be French. Look, France is a hell hole right now, but style wise-they remain my supreme idols. The Idolatollahs of Fashion.

BE LIKE FRENCH WOMEN, but don't live there. Just be like them in style. Super feminine, hot babes, growing older gracefully.