Monday, January 2, 2017

Real War on Women Not Just in the Middle East Any More

Here's another quaint, folkloric custom that Germany has brought to its shores.

(And don't be so smug, my North American and Australian friends...what started in the Middle East has spread quite 'nicely' to Europe, and these kind of despicable murders have happened all over the West already. You can be sure there's more to come.)

I was going to title this "barbarians" because of course, they are. 

But I think it's more important to emphasize that this woman is a real victim of violence. She's really, actually dead-murdered by her own flesh and blood because of a backward, tribal, barbarian concept of "honour" and "shame".

"Cultures" that sanctify and bless, and willingly participate in the murder of their very own children do not go very far. This is truly evil.

It's just bloody awful stuff and we won't hear a damned thing out of the political left about it.

I'd say 'shame on them' but of course, you can't shame the shameless.