Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Without Free Speech, There is No "Free"

OMG America!!!

Wake up!!!

I can't believe it takes a simple, humble truly fabulous, stylish suburban Jewish Zionist mother from Canada to point out once again that the Mann Versus Steyn thing is not just Mark Steyn's personal law suit.

Did someone say Mark Steyn????



*regains composure*



It is a full out, frontal assault on your First Amendment. 

Do you guys not know how valuable and important that First Amendment is?

Seriously, America! You are breaking my heart!

You are the only country in the whole, entire world that has this glorious thing, and I cannot believe you and your media are letting it slip away from you without a fight!

As Mark Steyn says, the idea "that, once an "expert" body has ruled on a subject, freeborn citizens are obliged to accept that ruling and shut the hell up is perverse and repugnant".

It's actually sinister and perverse.

And it is so un-American. What is so hard to understand about this?

Un-American, un-American, un-American.

You know, the other thing is these despicable bloody expensive and soul-crushing "process is the punishment" assaults on free speech are not going to stop with hot shot Undocumented and Sinister Foreigners. He's just the first crash-test dummy (albeit a very well-dressed and well-read one) for an even bigger, new wave of assaults on your freedom. Make that a tidal wave. Actually make that a tsunami.

You know, there are already way too many things in this world that allegedly free people in allegedly free countries are scared to talk about.  They are scared to make jokes, they are scared to share their actual opinions, they are scared of getting ridiculed, sued, fired, and discriminated against merely for saying what they actually think.

When you lose your ability to speak freely, you've lost your liberty and a bloody good chunk of your soul. We flawed humans consist of our bodies but also of course, of our consciousness.

Why are so many willing to surrender the very thing that makes us human, and makes us unique?

You know when the Mohammad cartoons were published, I remember Mark Steyn saying that the proper response would have been for every publication in the free world to reprint and in doing so, effectively say: you can't kill us all. Well, the Western world blew it and things have gotten much worse as a result. (To be fair, the West started to screw this up with "the Rushdie affair".)

Now Americans, and indeed, free-thinking and liberty-loving individuals have an opportunity to defend and fight for a very unique and precious thing: free speech. We just cannot afford to blow this one, my friends.

If everyone does just a small amount, they won't be able to shut us all up. It would be our way of saying: you can't shut us all up. 

This law suit is starting with Mark Steyn, but guess what, it's just not going to end with Mark Steyn.

Free speech is the basis of being free.

Without free speech, you cannot actually be free.

It is extremely disturbing that precious few American media outlets are cluing into this.

This issue needs a lot more sunlight on it because, as Mark Steyn has previously suggested, it is one of the most consequential First Amendment cases of our time. I just can't believe Americans are willing to go down without a fight on this.

I can only hope that with the election, and the actual inauguration of President Trump, that there will be some kind of a long-needed return to actual reverence of the American Constitution. Yeah, reverence, because it is a magnificent document and a historically unique, extraordinary human-penned, but divinely inspired sabre against totalitarianism.

Please, won't you all do your part?