Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday Link Dump!

I've been extremely busy with real life stuff over the past few days.

Yesterday was particularly exhausting and soul-sucking, but this morning things were brighter.

So I have a whole bunch of links that I have been saving up.

I also wanted to comment just very briefly on President Trump's moves regarding Jerusalem (recognition and also moving the embassy). I think these are truly visionary moves. I didn't think he would actually do it, but he did. And that is a good thing. In one fell swoop, he has boldly changed the strategic position of America for the better with respect to Israel and for America and put a very quick end to the coddling of Palestinians and their consistent blackmail style "negotiations".

Days of Rage??? ZZZzzzzzz so sleeeeeeeeepy.

When do they not have days of rage? More like millennia of rage since you know who started preaching in the desert and get the idea.

Jerusalem is only important to non-Jews because of the Jews! And it's important to the Palestinians and a lot of the Arab world just to stick it to the Jews.

Lastly-President Trump may well recognize that this problem does not have a "deal" that everyone will love or even hate. There is no solution to this conflict, there can only be detente.

This may be the way in which the "real estate" theory of the conflict gets flushed down the toilet. It's not about 'land' per se. It's about eliminating the Jews on that land and everywhere else. It's about the uppity Jews having the nerve to want to live. It is a religious war, not a real estate conflict.

It's a religious war with no negotiable solution. The negotiations are only about the terms of the detente.

The Palestinians simply don't want peace. There will be no "freeing" the Palestinians. 

Anyway, like I said: visionary and YUGE.

So, here's a bunch of links that should hold you through the weekend, with less of my normal snark because I am really pressed for time and Shabbat is very early nowadays.

Gender Hysteria:

In which Dr. Debra W. Soh actually makes me read Playboy for the articles!


Is the Deep State attempting a coup? 

Bake My Cake: How Equality is Baked Into the Constitution (really good actually a MUST MUST MUST READ)

American Tyranny:

The truly sinister and wicked "John Doe" witch hunt story from Wisconsin just gets worse and worse.


Dylan Farrow: Why Has the #MeToo Revolution Spared Woody Allen?

NYT: The Harvey Weinstein Complicity Machine 


The great Caroline Glick: Trump's Great and Ingenious Gifts

Melanie Philips: A Watershed Event That Shames Britain and Europe 


Prime Minister Hairdo and his Somali-born Minister totally hip to Female Genital Mutilation  (WATCH THE WHOLE THING, MICHELLE REMPEL ROCKS)

Another jerkoff Liberal minister at work insulting the intelligence and dignity of Canadians

Internet Tyranny:

Security is the New Shut Up, Australian Edition

They do this because they can unless you make them stop. 


Surprise! "Teenage" migrant murderer of German teen turns out to be 33 and from Iran, not a refugee from the Taliban from Afghanistan. 


I crack myself up!