Sunday, December 31, 2017

Germany: "Christmas Market Attack Survivors Feel Abandoned By Merkel"

One for the "duh" files.

Ms. Merkel brought this upon Germany. 

Her sympathies lay not with the victims of jihadist terror, but elsewhere.  She most certainly feels, like most Western elites that a few rapes and murders here and there are a completely reasonable and justifiable price to pay for "our diversity" etc.

As Mark Steyn characterized it: we are the bollards. 

Therefore, many more families in Europe  and throughout the Western world will continue to be unwilling and unwitting bollards, collateral damage, blood sacrifice to Islamic jihad and the unholy fire of the pyre of multiculturalism.

We know that there will be more victims, we just don't yet know all their names.

They have not volunteered but were voluntold.

Further comment would be superfluous.