Monday, December 4, 2017

The Sanction of Murder Cities

Well said:

"The concept of "sanctuary," as the name implies, originates in Christianity: using the sacred precincts of the church to protect and shelter innocent people from the arbitrary power of the state. This is a classic tactic of the cultural-Marxist Left, to appropriate the terminology of faith for its secular, malevolent ends. But in this case those claiming "sanctuary" are not innocent: by definition, illegal aliens are criminals. What the Left is trying to do is nothing less than the nullification of the laws of the United States pertaining to the nation's right (which they call, of course, "racist") to define and protect its borders, and to decide who and who shall not be protected by its laws."

Conservatives must be unwilling to use the terminology of the left. 

Whenever we use their terminology we lose the battle. 

Clarity of language enables clarity of debate. 

Therefore the left wishes to obfuscate the real meaning and the real purpose of their paths. 

Don't let them win the linguistic battles-they are always important ones that inevitably shape the scope and nature of the debate and sadly, end up informing policy.