Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Link Dump

Hello friends and foes.

Real life has thrown me a little bit of a curve ball recently so I unfortunately have little time to write and blog. There's a rather significant issue that I am facing with one of my kids and it will require quite a bit of research and some other investigations and consultations as my better half and I try to plot the best course of action.

I'll put up links when I am able, but blogging will mostly likely not be a daily thing for a while.

Wishing you Happy Chanukah (what's left of it), a Merry Christmas and a very festive holiday season.

For your consideration:


Sweden gets even more rapey than before, police throw white flag up. 

Piss on Sweden. 

Jewish children in Sweden need to be protected by bulletproof glass. You'll find the word "Islamist" in this article but not, you know: Muslims.

French Jewry is finished. Please leave with suitcases and not in caskets. 

Jews and Israel: 

Jewish leaders are keeping my brother the prisoner of terrorists. Very important piece.

Mr. Potato head is Jewish! Who knew?!?!? Is there nothing the Jews cannot do?

Linda Sarsour revealed and for real: this could not have happened to a "nicer" person. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Crazy people: 

Rosen's rule of selfies: there is a direct correlation between number of selfies and crazy factor of person (usually women). The more selfies, the more kooky. And now, science proves it. 

The great Barbara Kay takes on Big Trans. I love Barb. Behold: Disagreeing with Big Trans is the new blasphemy. 


Obama was such a disgusting scumbag, continued...

"How Obama let Hizballah off the hook", the whole sordid story from Politico here. 

The New Mandarins of the Deep State

Guilty until proven innocent: the new American model of "justice" 

New York Times suddenly discovers death and destruction in Venezuela. Bernie Sanders and Sean Penn unavailable for comment at press time.