Tuesday, December 5, 2017

America Reverts to Nepotistic, Idiotic, Idolatrous Tyranny

So, all I really have to say is PISS ON THIS. 

I thought America was not so hot on monarchy? On hereditary titles and royalty?

Piss on all the "son of", "brother of" and "wife of" configurations existent in the allegedly civilized world today.

As Mark Steyn often quips: how could it be that in the entire USA, in a country of over 360 million souls, that the "best" the Republicans could come up with was a "son of" and a "wife of" in the various leadership races? Give. Me. A. Break.

What is this? Syria? North Korea?

A pox all all your cruddy, nepotistic, smarmy houses. 

Especially the imbecilic House of Trudeau. 

And the Kennedys of course.