Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Not Cowardly. Brazen. Pushy. Unrepentant.

It is Orwellian and a lying lie of the left to say these (and other similar such attacks) are "cowardly". 

They are not.

They are brazen, confident and unrepentant.

This is what a confident conqueror does.

To use the word 'cowardly' is to mask the issue and befuddle the public.

Brazen attacks such as these are not cowardly-they are a systematic and confident act of war on the host society.

By the way, how sensible is it to have members of the police force that are physically unable to match the strength and body mass of even the most slight, excitable migrant?

I've actually wondered this a lot recently as I see many, many pairings of small female police officers with very large, bulky, enormous male officers. If female officers need male protection, maybe that's not the greatest plan for beat officers?

I guess it's a political hot potato but isn't it a question worth asking?

Or maybe it's a question worth ignoring because it's full of you know, REALITY.

La la la, can't hear you.