Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Mark Steyn: The Wearing of a New Green

WELL WELL WELL...what have we got here???

It appears that a fabulous, suburban Jewish mother d'un certain âge has made the Prophet Mark Steyn laugh with her (admittedly truly freaking awesome) joke.

To wit:

"After that warm-up, I took questions on American conservatism and the social-media cartel; old-school mom'n'pop syncretic Islam; what Sweden will be like when everyone's shouting (per Laura Rosen Cohen's fine joke) "Abbahu Akbar!"; and what Yeats would make of gay Hindus. Along the way I took a question from Patty Villanova, who joined The Mark Steyn Club only today - and no, that's not VIP express check-in, but just (I hope) our regular service."
Read all about it/her here and listen to the whole podcast. 


The Prophet Mark Steyn, PBUH, LSBUH (lovely suits be upon him), STBUH (stylish ties be upon him) and FPSBUH (fabulous pocket squares be upon him), also gives a very kind shout out to that other wonderfully ballsy Toronto blogger and writer and friend of mine, the Seeeekrit Jooooo Or So the Antisemites Think: Kathy Draidlebaum. 

OK, I'm actually cracking myself up with that paragraph up there ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

a) I know that is somewhat obnoxious to talk about how much I make myself laugh.

b) I don't care. If I'm laughing, you probably are also.

c) You know you love me for it.

Remember, as always-if you enjoy my blog, that France sucks and is going down the toilet bin of history but Hermès scarves are forever!!!!