Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Massive Link Dump for This Week! YUGE!

Busy, busy, busy. 

BUT, I have a bunch of hand-picked, exclusive links for you to check out.

They'll make you laugh, cry, groan, puke-whatever your pleasure.

So away we go...


Solid medical advice from the University of Toronto:

"Keep coffee out of your rectum. Consume only from above." 

Smell is the way to a woman's heart: TRUE.

Singing 'speeds up' recovery from post-partum depression (PS: so does exercise)


Egyptians really don't give a sh&t about the Palestinians or Jerusalem, and are more interested in being buddies with Israel. 


600 Texas men show up to mentor boys that may not have a Dad in their lives 


David Cameron thought President Obama was one of the biggest, narcissistic arseholes on the planet. Welcome to the club, David.

The left is finished with the "Russians stole the elections" thing, so they are moving on from "stupid" to "crazy". 

The super smart David Solway (pull out your dictionary before you get comfortable) on why education is dead. 

Kingston, Ontario apparently much more full of wankers than thought previously. 


France is a third-world, Jew-hating sh&thole. This is how the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo/kosher supermarket terror attack was marked in France. 

Germany is irredeemable: state creates propaganda videos for children, encouraging and supporting migrant adult men to engage with German teenagers and pull them along to conversion. 

Let's party like it's 1939: Three Jews arrested in Austria for waving Israeli flag (YES REALLY)