Monday, January 8, 2018

The Civilized Left of Israel: Must Watch

This is a very instructive clip that shows the explosive, chauvinistic and patronizing rage of the left.

It's also very much a textbook case in "do as I say, not as I do", wherein the earnest lefty admits to living in Modi'in-a rather posh suburb between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv (and ironically Israel's first planned town over the green line), and May Golan who actually grew up in the south section of Tel Aviv.

South Tel Aviv is where Sephardic (Mizrachi) immigrants to Israel were dumped wholesale for many many years and it was always an underprivileged area. ("North" Tel Aviv, like Ramat Aviv, is the fancy, Ashkenazi, secular area.) In the past ten or so years, south Tel Aviv has been the place in which illegal migrants ("infiltrators") have set up home. Crime, rape and assault has gone up ("coincidentally" or "lalalalalalala can't hear you" according to the Israeli left and the myriad NGO's that fun the infiltrators).

May Golan herself is Mizrachi descent. Her parents fled Iraq and she grew up in the area. The Jewish people of south Tel Aviv are rightly not interested in being relentlessly assaulted by hoards of illegal male Muslim Africans. May's mom, like most other young, female and elderly residents of south Tel Aviv are afraid to leave their homes.

Thankfully, Netanyahu BUILT THAT FENCE along the border a few years ago, which reduced the illegal infiltration rate to....wait for it.....ZERO.

Now, the plan is to pay the illegals $3500 a pop to get the hell out of Israel, or they can have the privilege of being jailed.

Anyway, this is a great clip.

Well played, May Golan.

She is smart, beautiful and fabulous!