Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Great Mark Steyn PBUH: "The Shadow Over Our Heads"

Read the entire thing, of course. 

This excerpt and one specific sentence from Martin Sellner's speech actually haunts me:

"I'm going to tell you something nobody has told you before. It's the biggest, most obvious secret of our media our politicians and our powerholders: People of Britain, you are being replaced."

"There has always been immigration in your history. People coming in, assimilating."

"But what's happening today is different: You are being replaced by massive Muslim immigration."

"You see it everywhere: in London, in Manchester, but also already in the little countryside towns. A big replacement is going on."

You are being replaced. 

This, in fact, is the "Strange Death of Europe" perfectly and succinctly paraphrased. It's so devastatingly accurate and so full of truth, no wonder they threw him in jail.