Friday, April 27, 2018

Piss Off, Belgium.

This is a pathetic PR strategy. 

It's going on a lot in Europe nowadays. A few "sad" pronouncements about Jew-hate being bad or sad or something and then importing more and more Jew-haters to Europe.

It is also disgusting that Israelis collaborate with this ridiculously transparent pandering. Slap on a kippah, put a few flowers or stones at Yad Vashem, shed a few crocodile tears at Yad Vashem and then rush over to the American Colony Hotel for a few drinks with PA terrorists and Guardianista journalists.

This Holocaust Remembrance Kabuki Theatre is trying my patience.

I'm sick of the European reverence for dead Jews. They love their dead Jews. It's a real fetish, and that precise fetish is what is destroying Europe now as well. So they love their dead Jews, but live Jews? Like living, breathing, Jewish Jews? Not so much.