Friday, April 13, 2018

"The Enemy Next Door"

The "enemy" next door.

Hey, I resemble that remark! 

This is a pretty revealing piece.

It reveals how intolerant liberals are, in general and how disdainful they are of conservatives and religious people.

Try to make it through the whole thing (it's a tough slog, but you should really know what we're up against).

The funniest part for me was THE STRUGGLE to find conservative people in Canada! It took phone calls! Activating all connections!! SOS!!! Where can these creatures be?!?!?

"...finding Trump supporters in Canada proved to be difficult, because I live in a bubble. As a feminist and a socialist who supports the welfare state, I feel at home in downtown Montreal. I am vocal in my support of lgbtq, Indigenous, and immigrant rights, and in my circles, this is pretty much the norm. My friends are other liberal artists, activists, and members of the media, and my job, teaching at a college, has me surrounded with like-minded humanities professors. It took weeks of outreach, plus an online call for volunteers made by The Walrus, before I was able to connect with a Canadian fan of Trump willing to participate. And, one cross-country flight later, that’s how Curtis Stone came to be on my couch."

Most conservatives/Canadian Trump supporters would not want to participate because they usually get completely railroaded by liberal journalists, and are made to look foolish.

Anyway, read the whole thing.

I think it says a lot more about the "Bubble Dwellers" than about conservatives or Trump Supporters.