Thursday, April 12, 2018

Shame On Abraham Foxman, Total and Utter Moral Coward

Abraham Foxman is a loathsome creature. 

This is definitely one of his most disgusting pieces, crowning a career of finding antisemitism in everything on the planet but never in Islam. This is a guy who finds antisemitism in white bread sandwiches but fails to mention Muslim antisemitism and cannot articulate the word "jihad".

There is so much moral obtuseness in this piece, and so much cowardice, it's hard to know where to start.

How about this:

"Today, we have to fight not only Holocaust denial and Holocaust distortion, but also Holocaust trivialization. Elie Wiesel once that that he worried more about trivializing the Holocaust than denying it. Denial, he said, is so stark, and trivialization is so subtle."

So subtle! I have subtlety for you, Mr. Foxman:

He talks about Charlottesville but is morally mute, and cannot pinpoint other cities or countries that have slightly worse Jew-hating issues:

How about Malmo?  Anything? 

You are willfully blind to the real problems.

Shame on you. 



Seriously, look at Germany! Is there something about Germany that worships antisemitism? Do you see anything wrong with this, Mr. Foxman?


Anything about France? 


Anything about Mr. Corbyn in London? 

British Jews live in fear-why?

Why is a life-long Jewish, Labour-supporting actress turning Tory? 

He says, among other things:

"Almost all Jewish institutions in Europe are armed fortresses, and I worry that our American Jewish institutions will go in that direction too."

Why is that, Mr. Foxman, you pathetic coward.

You are choosing to be blind to the real existential threat to the Jewish people. 

Mr. Foxman: you are the swamp of denial, the swamp of delusional and terrified Jews, you are the embodiment of the weak Jew "fighting" the war that was already won. You refuse to see the truth, refuse to name and identify the murderers, the true existential threat to the Jews and the Western world.

You conveniently try to shift the focus from the war we won, to the war we will lose because people like you have no resolve and have lost the moral courage and fortitude required to live in reality. 

You make me sick.

My prayer this Holocaust Remembrance Day is that I never again see your vomit-inducing, feeble Jew prose ever in print again, amen.