Monday, April 16, 2018

Mark Steyn: Typhoid And Tambourines

Sage commentary from the great Mark Steyn, PBUH, including a very good bit from the reluctant free speech warrior, novelist Lionel Schriver. 

This is the important part: 

Miss Shriver observes:
I'm not a natural activist, and I'm reluctant to embrace this role, but I am also dismayed by how few writers with any serious reputation are willing to put themselves on the line for free speech. I'm very unhappy that writers and editors are exercising self-censorship, especially with regard to group membership, to [writing about groups to which they do not themselves belong such as] gender, race, ethnicity, disability. If we follow this through, it will be the end of story and someone has to push back against that.

That's exactly it. Someone has to do it. And that someone is you-the burden must be shared.

Anyway, I thought it was particularly rich for a Swedish publisher to ditch Ms. Shriver.

Sweden is a hellhole.

Check out the cutline on this story: 

Crime is a sensitive topic. I BET!!

As I quipped here: Abba Hu Akbar, baby.