Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Great Mark Steyn, PBUH: "The Grand Convergence"

OK I literally I nodded along solemnly at the first part but then I literally bust a gut at this: 

"The San Bruno attack also underlines a point I've been making for over a decade, ever since my troubles with Canada's "human rights" commissions: "Hate speech" doesn't lead to violence so much as restraints on so-called "hate speech" do - because, when you tell someone you can't say that, there's nothing left for him to do but open fire or plant his bomb. Restricting speech - or even being perceived to be restricting speech - incentivizes violence as the only alternative."

(Nodding solemnly at sage Prophet Steyn...)


"As you'll notice in YouTube comments, I'm often derided as a pansy fag loser by the likes of ShitlordWarrior473 for sitting around talking about immigration policy as opposed to getting out in the street and taking direct action. In a culture ever more inimical to freedom of expression, there'll be more of that: The less you're permitted to say, the more violence there will be."

(Nodding solemnly again, vociferously of course at the last two sentences though, just to clarify...)