Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hey-I Have An Idea! Infidels-Open Your Wallets!

Let's get everyone who is not responsible for family "honour" murders to 'fix' the problem and have the joy of paying for a solution through their taxes!

Yes, in this column, we are advised that all Canadians must come together to prevent family honour murders, which-in a strange coincidence-usually emanate exclusively from a couple of layers of the "broad strata" of Canadian immigrants: Muslims (from different countries) and South Asians (mostly Sikhs).

So-hear ye, hear ye, all ye infidel Canadians. It is actually YOU, my infidel friends that are responsible for fixing this mess!

What could possibly be wrong with that?

Let's take your hard earned taxes and use it to try to "re-educate" people coming from illiberal, non-democratic countries and try to teach them that it's not OK here in Canada to kill your sisters and daughters because they have "shamed" you.

Sounds like a really terrific lesson plan. 

I have a better idea.  

Let's actually NOT do that. 

Perhaps we should consider limiting the number of immigrants from areas where there are strong traditions of family "honour" murders.

Why should a single Canadian dollar be wasted on "treatment" of this barbaric practice?

Prevention is worth a lot of "cure".

Do we really want immigrants here that need to be convinced that killing their children is not a good idea? 

Family "honour" murder is not a Canadian problem. It's an import from non-democratic countries, most of which are government by sharia or other misogynistic systems and attitudes toward women. There is no Canadian tradition of "honour" murder, and therefore it goes without saying that there is no Canadian "solution" to the problem.

The only solution is-let's choose not to make it our problem.

And anyway-as the Shafia murders proved, it doesn't matter how much money you throw at a problem like this, or how many layers of government bureaucracy and "helpy" people you put into the mix-these murders will happen-social workers, teachers and police be damned.