Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The War Against Free Speech in Canada

Behold-the war against free speech in Canada articulated clearly and plainly for all to see. The words emanate from-where else? A Canadian university campus.

As Kate so famously, and so magnificently noted-the opposite of diversity is university.

Thus, we see a 'free speech' wall torn down on campus. 

"Not every opinion is valid."

These are the words spoken by a seventh-year human rights student and self-described "anti-homophobia campaigner".

Did you see what I just wrote?


 Does that bother anyone but me?

"In a Tuesday afternoon Twitter exchange with a CBC reporter, Mr. Smith dubbed free speech an “illusory concept” and declared that “not every opinion is valid, nor deserving of expression.”

What a disgusting display.

Some things are really so stupid that only an academic, or seventh-year human rights student could come up with them and believe them. 

This is a display of decadence and of moral decay. This is an embarrassment.

As I've said before, Section 13 died but the war on free speech continues in Canada. The lawsuits continue. The jokes become muted. The thoughts are self-censored. The bullies rage on.

Perhaps most discouraging is that these seventh-year human rights students are the future teachers, lawyers and politicians of our country. They are the future re-education specialists diversity consultants and human rights commissioners.

They must be fought tooth and nail.

We must own our own thoughts, and own our liberty-liberty at the micro level is what it is about right now.

Shame on anyone who doesn't take a public stand on this.

Assaults on free speech are the beginning of the end of all free societies.