Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Delusions of Jews, Their Illusions of Utopia

What a strange January it has been.

The coldest winds I feel are not from outside, but more philosophical in nature.

As is by now well known, many Canadian bloggers,writers, chaplains and journalists have been either taken to Human Rights Commissions or sued in civil courts for "promoting hatred", or even the "crime" of linking to hatred!

Although it is hard to believe that in a country such as Canada, a country whose legal roots trace back to the magnificent Magna Carta, our liberty is under threat.

My feeling is that there is no legal remedy to protect Canadians against the litigious multi-fold menace aimed at muzzling free speech.

The only solutions are political. 

The majority Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been a leader in many democratic initiatives. Mr. Harper himself is a firm lover and supporter of freedom and liberty.

Yet, our government simply is not stepping up its moral obligation and legal ability to protect the most basic of all of our freedoms: freedom of speech.

Freedom starts with the freedom to speak our mind and to think what we want to think. The criminal code has very enlightened positions on what speech is reasonably forbidden-such as uttering death threats. That is certainly a reasonable limit on speech as it puts individual human life at risk.

But being offended cannot be a crime in a democracy.

Feeling hurt cannot be a crime in a democracy.

Telling a joke cannot be a crime in a democracy.

Discussing facts about politics, religion and sexuality cannot be criminal offenses in a democracy.

Citizens in a democracy should not have to suffer financially, professionally or mentally because someone was offended by their prose or opinions. But that is what is happening in Canada and all over the free world and a political solution is required. 

Earlier this week, likely upon hearing that a settlement was reached in the case of a certain blogger, a most disgusting Tweet wafted through the internet from the High Priest of the Jewish Left in Canada.  

Then, the government of Canada took a step forward and recognized some real freedom fighters in Canada. The High Priest of the Jewish Left in Canada seethed again.

Notably, the High Priest of the Jewish Left was not sufficiently aggrieved by the 'devaluation' in the honour to return his own medal. 

But as I say, it has been a strange month.

You know, Elie Wiesel in Night, describes a scene that I play over and over in my head when I think about the Holocaust. And I've read many, many books about the Holocaust but this scene is embedded now in my genetic make up.

If you have read Night, perhaps you will remember that Moshe the Beadle, who was deported from Sighet in 1942 comes back and tries to warn his townsfolk of the dangers of the German army. Nobody listens. Eventually, they are all in ghettos, deported, shoved into ovens, walking in death marches. But Moshe the Beadle tried to warn them. 

Other people escaped the camps and tried to warn the Jews as well.

"Rudolf Vrba...survived two years in Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland before escaping to warn the world of Nazi plans to exterminate one million Hungarian Jews in 1944. But when he and his fellow escaper Alfred Wetzler made contact with the Jewish Council at Zilina in Slovakia, offering the first detailed eye-witness accounts of what had previously been unconfirmed rumour, they were treated with caution."

"Sharp criticism was to be levelled against some leaders of Hungary's Jewish community, who failed to warn their people what being "resettled" in Poland meant."

The truth was out there, the horrible murderous truth was out there. But it was too impossible to digest. Too horrifying to contemplate. So they looked away and unarmed Jew after Jew after Jew turned into ashes.

The High Priests of the Jewish Left look away also.

They alienate the philosemitic gentiles of our day, who are true friends of Israel and the Jewish people. They antagonize them, demonize them, all the while living in their dreamy utopia, acting out their fantasies of being morally better than the rest of us.

Well they aren't. In fact, they are complicit in evil right now. 

They won't look at the current Nazis. 

They are not concerned with real evil. 

They will file another report. They will have another multifaith gathering. Host another Matzo Balls for Mohammad gala dinner.

They will hope that if we are just a little nicer to them, if we just bake bread with them, if we just give the keys to the ancestral Jaffa home "back", if we just let Achmed have his own falafel stand, if we just destroy the "settlements", if, if, if, if-there will somehow, someday there will be no more Judenhaas.

It's easier to chase the geriatric Nazis. It's easier to be a utopian leftist, liberal who just happened to have been born Jewish than stick with the G-d of Israel and the current crop of Noahides and truly righteous gentiles among us.

In January, 1945 Auschwitz was liberated. 

In January, 2013 liberty is under threat in Canada and in much of the Western world and those who call themselves liberal are gloating, busying themselves with dreams of more regulation of speech, more re-education, more social engineering and more vicarious battles with the demons that have already been slaughtered and more victories against ghost enemies instead of live ones.

Ultimately the worst punishment for these despicable creatures is that they have to live with themselves-which is a magnificent punishment that not even our highest courts could deliver.

But the worst punishment for those of us who wish not to live like them is the chilling thought that our elected representatives will not fight for individual liberty on our behalf-using the political tools that they have at their disposal.

How cold do you like your winters?

How cold do you like your chill on free speech?

A strange January indeed.