Thursday, January 31, 2013

Glory Be-I Have the Name of Mark Steyn's New Book

OK, I don't actually have it, but I have one that I would highly, highly recommend.

If I were Queen of the World, it would be called:

Politics is A Battle, But Culture Is the War

Of course-that is the last line, the leave-em-with-something-they-will-remember ending of his newest Happy Warrior Article: Who Are We?

Must read, of course-the whole enchilada because that's what this is about-the whole gantze enchilada being shoved down the throats of regular hard working, liberty-minded Americans by their elitist betters. 

What normal people think is vulgar, disgusting and crass, is the left's idea of funny, cute and very cultured. 

The battle is for culture now. If we conservatives, continue to lose every single cultural battle-we will therefore lose the entire war, and then lose Western civilization. 

(And, have a nice day, etc...)


"This is a highly legalistic society with laws against everything and most of them with stiff jail sentences attached. Yet a group of squatters has rendered the law irrelevant. Four of the September 11 terrorists obtained the picture ID they used to board the plane through the illegal-immigrant day-worker network in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven in Falls Church, Va. But 3,000 corpses wasn't enough to persuade either the citizenry or their representatives to end their indulgence of such networks."

"Indeed, it's estimated that half of the "undocumented" have come here since 9/11: That's to say, they broke into a country on Code Orange alert."

"The culture frames the issue, starting with the appropriation of language: These are "hard-working families" willing to do "the jobs Americans won't do," notwithstanding the strains they place on hospitals and schools, the contributions they make to gang crime and drunk-driving statistics . . . Once upon a time they were "illegal," then "undocumented," now just "immigrants," a word with longstanding emotional resonance in America but nevertheless one that used to mean guys who stood in line at consulates, filled in the paperwork, and paid the application fees, and whose redefinition into something entirely different has been accepted as a fait accompli."

PS: The security fence in Israel is working wonders at keeping undesired, single, young, black Muslim African refugees out of Israel. Where there is a will, there is a way.