Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Love Letter From Obama To Pharoh

Dear Mohammed,

I'm so excited about my Second Coming. WHOOPS!! Did I offend you with that reference to Jesus? I mean ISSA? Sorry about that, akhi. 

Anyway, I feel so bad that I couldn't do another major speech over there by the pyramids-the other one was SOOOOOOOO COOOOOL, but I'm pretty busy here in America. My wife got new bangs,you know- and Beyonce sang at my thingy yesterday and it has been really crazy with all the parties and stuff.

I know you thought I was pissed at you about that Jew stuff, but really-I have to throw a few bones now and again to the Jews...they are really powerful as you know!! HA HA. Like I have to tell you that!!! You of all people!! HAHA!

So, let's try to move forward and forget about it. I hope you will forgive me! Miss you.

Here's a small token of my esteem and appreciation. 

Let's try to have lunch, or a falafel or something the next time you're in D.C, OK?????


Barack Hussein Obama