Monday, January 7, 2013

America-Are We All Europeans Now?

Mona Charen makes an excellent point.

America is far more socialist than Americans like to believe: 

"Americans prefer small government to big government — in the abstract."

"But 60 million receive Medicaid benefits; 54 million collect Social Security; 48 million participate with Medicare; 45 million receive food stamps; 7 million are in prison, in jail, or on parole or probation; more than a million have de facto government jobs working for defense contractors; nearly a million children participate in Head Start; and about 40 percent of K–12 students receive free or reduced-price meals. There’s some overlap in those categories, but it still adds up."

"We are, in short, a socialist-style society just like Europe. And Obamacare has yet to kick in."
"The road to recovery begins with admitting you have a problem."


"We've lost respect for human life."

Welcome to Detroit.