Monday, January 7, 2013

Children's Aid Workers Screw Up Again, World Yawns

There is evil all around us.

Actually starving a child to death is no mean feat in our over-fed society today. You have to make a concerted effort to do such evil.

And just when you think the story cant' get worse, it does.

Is there anyone to root for in this case? I don't think so. The "helping" professionals screwed up, as usual-another dead child, no biggie for them.

But surviving siblings suing the government for not noticing and stopping the abuse? How old are the siblings? If they are minors-how could they possibly be able to pull off a legal quest such as this, on their own?

There can be no "winner" in any such case. As one of the comments notes-making money off of your dead sibling is not a great strategy. But it might not be the siblings-it could be a darling aunt, granny or uncle.

None of the bureaucrats will ever be held accountable. I am against the idea of the lawsuit because the settlement will come from taxpayer's money.

If there were any personal or professional consequence to the social workers and their superiors (read: criminal charges, loss of livelihood), as a result of a lawsuit having being filed, then I would be in favour.