Thursday, January 3, 2013

"Let's Make 2013 A Year of Smaller Breasts"

This is a great piece from the Globe and Mail.

Very nicely done!

Women do obsess about their size and shape a lot. It would be wonderful if the trend went away from women stuffing themselves with plastic-whether in their breasts, or faces or butts-a pox on the whole industry.

I was Athol Kay who once said that the problem with a woman having a breast augmentation surgery done means that she is the kind of woman who would have a breast augmentation surgery done (!!!).

Therefore, this paragraph is interesting:

"In fact, a swelling body of medical literature seeking to understand the psychology behind breast augmentation has consistently suggested that women who go under the knife for a bigger twin-set are happy with the results, although the reasons underpinning this sense of satisfaction are unclear. Also unexplained is the two-to-three fold increased risk of suicide among women who have had cosmetic breast augmentation."

Well duh!!!

Super duh!!

The women who make these cosmetic adjustments-these terrible choices are looking for (yet another) external fix for something that is an internal issue. They are not happy. It must be their boobs! Yes-bigger boobs will FIX EVERYTHING. It's pretty sad. So they get a cheap thrill, a little high (see what I did there??) and some quick fix attention to their breasts and think "ah yes-it was the right move". 

But after the initial boobphoria, they go back to being unhappy. Many of them will head to the cosmetic dermatologist, or shopping or whatever. 

Anyway-nice piece. Very original without being a man-hating, raving feminist piece about how men are responsible for boob jobs and all the other evil in the world, etc..