Friday, January 4, 2013

Steyn: Support Blazing Cat Fur

Here is a terrific spot from Mark Steyn on supporting my friend Arnie from Blazing Cat Fur.

"Arnie Lemaire of the Blazing Cat Fur website is one of those bloggers, a man who breaks a lot of news the cowed politically correct ninnies at the big dailies won’t go anywhere near until he’s made them too big to ignore — like the Toronto middle-school “Mosqueteria” story, in which he exposed a Canadian public school that converts its cafeteria into a mosque every Friday and segregates its girls according to whether they’re menstruating or not."

"I’ve been involved in cases like these from Copenhagen to Melbourne, and I’m mighty sick of people who find it easier to sue you into silence than argue their case on the merits. 

The fundraiser is on Monday, January 7th in Toronto at the Toronto Zionist Council at 7:30 p.m.