Wednesday, January 9, 2013

"We don't have enough girls here,"

The horror of being a female in India. 

If you manage to actually be born, you have a good chance of having a horrific life.

The gendercide kills countless numbers of female babies, and then those who survive can find themselves raped or sold.

"The UN children's agency Unicef says it's a problem of "genocide proportions" and that 50 million women are missing in India because of female foeticide and infanticide - the killing of baby girls.

"We don't have enough girls here,"

Welcome to hell.

Meet the village elders:

"Another man spoke about the roots of female foeticide."

 "These days the society has become very educated and the girls from this educated society have started eloping. When girls bring shame on their own parents and behave like that - who would want a girl?" he asked."

Who would want a girl? 

Pundette has a great round up of articles on the status of women in India (see: hell) and the Culture of Death in general, including this piece from 2008 from Mark Steyn: 

Behold: Steyn's Law of Sociology, otherwise known as "Lad's Law":

"As a general rule, large numbers of excitable lads who can’t get any action are not a recipe for societal stability."

(This is happening in Israel too-where there have been large groups of single, uneducated, impoverished, religious Muslim Africans infiltrate into the country via Egypt-if they can avoid getting shot and killed by the Egyptian army.)

(And while the Israeli left please for mercy for them (without having to actually, you know-live near them), they carry on with their lives-stealing, and raping.)

(Fortunately, Bibi Netanyahu doesn't care what the Tel Aviv lefties think, and has been securing Israel's southern border very tightly. And guess what! The number of infiltrators has stopped. Imagine that?)

Clearly, the human-created road from:

"Who would want a girl?"


"We don't have enough girls here,"

Is a short, apocalyptic little one-way street with no street lights, no souls lit and precious little chance of redemption.


Magnificent post from Mark Steyn on the topic at The Corner. 

Must read!