Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Steyn: Nigel vs the Lunatic Mainstream


According to the British elites, Farage is complete riff-raff.

Steyn notes:

" a sneering metropolitan press, Farage's party is a déclassé Wodehousean touring company mired in an elysian England that never was, populated only by golf-club duffers, halfwit toffs, rustic simpletons, and hail-fellow-well-met bores from the snug of the village pub".

I, for one, welcome our new, grubby, halfwit toff, simpleton overlords!


"When I shared a platform with him in Toronto a few months back, Mr. Farage explained his party's rise by citing not Wodehouse but another Dulwich old boy, the late British comic Bob Monkhouse: "They all laughed when I said I'd become a comedian. Well, they're not laughing now."

I have a confession to make!

I was there that evening. It was Mark Steyn, Conrad Black, Nigel Farage and John Crosbie and quite the evening it was.

Brush With Greatness Alert!

I introduced myself to Mr. Farage at the reception.

I'm not sure if he will remember me, but perhaps he'll have a fleeting memory of the short, blonde, right-wing Jewish mother who told him point blank that Britain was screwed and asked directly how it was humanly possible to reverse the heartbreaking British decline.

Mr. Farage was charming, polite and took my incredibly chutzpadik unfiltered blurt-out question seriously and we had a nice, but quick chat about how the reversal of decline, and a return to British greatness starts at the individual level and also with the public school system and immigration reforms.

I found his remarks thoughtful and he does have a fine sense of humour!

(He was also very nicely dressed-definitely a bespoke suit-ditto for Mark Steyn.) 

The wickedly devious British wit and sense of humour seems to be something that him and Mark Steyn share.

If you can get through this bit without dying of laughter, then you are VERY WEIRD:

"But Farage was there at the founding, as UKIP's first-ever parliamentary candidate."

"In 1994, a rising star of the Tory party, Stephen Milligan, was found dead on his kitchen table, with a satsuma and an Ecstasy tab in his mouth, and naked except for three lady's stockings, two on his legs and one on his arm. In his entertaining book, one of the few political memoirs one can read without forcing oneself to finish, Farage has a melancholy reflection on Milligan's bizarrely memorable end: "It was the sad destiny . . . of this former President of the Oxford Union to contribute more to public awareness — albeit of a very arcane nature — by the manner of his death than by his work in life."

"That's to say, the late Mr. Milligan more or less singlehandedly planted the practice of "auto-erotic asphyxiation" in the public consciousness — since when (as John O'Sullivan suggested here a while back) the Tory party seems to have embraced it as a political philosophy."


Conservative politicians embracing "auto-erotic asphyxiation" as their de facto political philosophy?


Of course-we should now talk about the star-powered evening that it was.

There is just nothing I don't like about Mark Steyn, Conrad Black and Nigel Farange.

I'm simply the Jewish mother fan girl of white, philosemitic, pro-Western gentiles from the English speaking Commonwealth-what can I say???

That might be the only club that would have me as a member! For real and not for joking!!

Lord Black was also erudite (natch) and Lady Black a pleasure to talk to as well.

I really don't get out much, but boy was that a fantastic diversion from my every day evenings in the burbs.

I should have taken some notes and witten something up at the time, but I was having too much fun listening and observing the very finely dressed investment bankers in the room (also, not my usual crowd).

The only thing lacking was a stash of hot babes for the guys in the room-you know some eye candy, that type of thing.

Fun times. 

And as my friend Kathy Draidle points out, the Canadian Reform Party was also thought to be full of backwater wackos-and lo and behold: Prime Minister Stephen Harper has a majority government today.

(He also has some really neat total badasses in the government especially Jason Kenney and John Baird. I predict Jason Kenney will be the Prime Minister of Canada. I love that guy, but he has to step away from the multicultural kool aid that everyone will try to push down his throat. I know he knows better....)