Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Head For the Hills, We're Doomed

Meet the non-Jewish students fighting BDS. 

This is really good stuff. These are people who truly understand that it’s not “just” about the Jews. It’s about civilization.

Prager: Why do American Jews Want So Many Jew-Haters in America?

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It’s very simple. 

Here is my explanation: they are leftists, who were merely born Jewish. Their religion is leftism, not Judaism. 

Or as Prager puts it:

“How is one to explain the widespread American Jewish support for bringing in a massive number of people, many of whom will bring in anti-Jew, anti-Israel and anti-West values?”

“First, they are staggeringly naive believing, for example, that marching at airports with signs that read "We love Muslims" will change those Muslims who hate Jews into Muslims who love Jews.”

“Second, never underestimate the power of feeling good about yourself that exists on the left (the self-esteem movement originated on the left). And it feels very good for these Jews to say: "Look, world. You abandoned us in the 1930s, but we're better than you."

“And third, when American Jews abandoned traditional liberal and traditional Jewish values for leftist values, they became less Jewish, less American and more foolish.”

“Just ask the Jews of Europe.”

The UK Is Screwed: Sharia Courts Edition, understand this cannot be turned back. Welcome to the future sharia state, it ain’t going anywhere.

Enjoy this, Britain:

“Muslim women’s groups accuse Sharia councils of ignoring women’s rights under Islamic, as well as civil, law and cite hair-raising cases of women being told to endure marital rape and polygamy. The Muslim Women’s Network points to an instance where a woman was being repeatedly raped by her husband, who had also married again, but was told to be “patient” by a mediator from a sharia council. They say the councils should be reformed, until an alternative way of seeking a religious divorce can be found.”

“Unsurprisingly, given their negative press, sharia councils are wary of media interest.”