Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday Links! From Yours Truly! You're Welcome!

STILL BUSY! But these links have just GOT TO GET OUT THERE.

Middle East:

Please let this be true.

“Go figure. This was a guy I drank coffee with…” And suddenly he starts chopping him up with an axe. Imagine that.

There is the fear. And then the fear of being called racist or Islamophobic by other women.

A look behind the scenes of Pallywood.

The latest viral video from Israel “Geshem Geshem Metaftef” (Rain, rain is falling.)


“Norway man” does not understand charges against him for sexually abusing 15 children. NORWAY MAN. RIGHT.

ODDLY ENOUGH: Norway deports dangerous violent migrants and crime goes down. 


British police unit under fire for Tweeting that FGM needn’t be prosecuted:

"One woman, Manda Ponium, tweeted the force, asking why the police did not go after the parents of victims, claiming FGM was often 'arranged' by them. She tweeted: 'Why have there been no prosecutions? It's the parents who arrange this, so it's easy enough to track them down if reported!'

"The force replied: '@Manda-Ponium Hi Manda - education and safeguarding vulnerable girls is the focus. Prosecuting / jailing parents unlikely to benefit child."

French Jew attacked with machete by ISIS-loving Turk to be jailed for 20 years

Madrid police seize “anti-trans” (read: NORMAL) bus.

Germany getting more rapey (“southern” types to blame)


Trump’s YUGE achievement: making the New York Times care about antisemitism. (READ THE WHOLE THING)

A great night for Republicans and America (and thus, Israel and the civilized Western world). This link includes the transcript.

Quite magnificent actually. Makes me very happy.


Disgusting, dhimmi cowards at CBC call Islamic familial “honour” murder a “hijab clash” (thanks to Kathy for pointing that out).

And a very interesting essay:

“Moral outrage is self-serving.”