Sunday, March 19, 2017

Must Watch: Ezra Levant Interviews A Couple of Polite, Jew-Hating Kooks On Israel Trip

How did he not burst out laughing? I was dying.

This is one is a classic. It has a measly 7,000 or so views. Share this one.

This is the face of seething, British antisemitism. This is the face of sinister moral relativism, all dressed up with fancy local kefiyehs, their British bad teeth and flashy silver man bangles. Very stylish.

Quite revealing and sickening and pathetic at the same time.

Foolish, blowhard antisemites. Ezra gives them the perfect amount of rope to hang themselves. I'm so glad we JOOOOOOZ live rent free in their heads. Perfect. Jewlicious.

Let's make them famous!

Very nicely played, Ezra Levant.