Monday, March 20, 2017

Monday Links: The Usual, Requisite Gloom and Doom

Has been quite a busy week or so.

Unfortunately, I had one funeral after another to attend, two Sundays in a row, at the same time at the same chapel. It was not a great week for my extended Cousin's Club. "Fortunately", both were elders of the family and lived long lives, both were grandparents and one even a great-grandparent. Both passed away in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by their children.

Of course nobody stays on this earth, so I think the went in the best way possible: after a long, good life surrounded by family and in their own homes. The other "good" news was that I was able to "visit" one set of my own grandparents at the cemetery, lay a stone, and reflect for a few moments with them. I'm very lucky to have known all my grandparents.

Anyway, enough about me, there's quite a lot of geo-political disaster to cover. So without further ado:


Nothing to see here.

Attacked. Because HAM.

The new Europe.

From civilization to barbarity, ONCE AGAIN in just a few short decades. Perhaps Europe doesn’t deserve freedom. It certainly doesn’t deserve Jews, two things that thrive simultaneously and two things that when absent in a society-inevitably mark the dearth of civility. You cannot have an enlightened, civilized society without Jews. And Jews cannot live among barbarians. So there. 

So once again Europe has moved towards chaos:

To this.

This is the present and future of Europe. Child sacrifice. 

Everyone in Europe was cool about it when it was “just” Jews that were getting slaughtered. No big deal. They are slowly realizing that what starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews.

How many European families, and North American families are willing, and happy to play Russian Roulette of the jihadist kind with their children? There is no shortage of demand for sacrifice. The death cult will never be appeased. There will never be a time when it says “OK, we’ve shed enough blood.”

Which of you is willing to sacrifice your child?

Which of you is willing to turn your young children into “little steaks”, for consumption by rabid, wild animals?

We know there will be more victims, we just don’t know their names yet.

Other excellent food for thought:

The Left hates Trump because he has destroyed the totalitarian consensus that former president Barack Obama had assiduously built over the last eight years and is now in tatters."

"The totalitarian consensus is a virulent and pervasive characteristic of the left-wing thought that used to be isolated to its more extreme manifestations but that now dominates and defines liberalism writ large. It does not seek a forum to express liberal ideas, nor does it even seek the hegemony of that liberal discourse; its goal is the elimination of any thoughts and opinions contrary to its prevailing notions and a consensus that there are indeed no other ideas worth considering — and it seeks the total surrender of any dissidents who still proclaim an opposing truth and ultimately a solemn confession that they have been wrong all along and please forgive their foolishness and revisionism."

"This is precisely why liberals relish the opportunity to declare various issues as “settled” because they have deemed them to be so.”


Really good: When lefties say “that’s not who we are”.