Sunday, March 5, 2017

"There Is Hope Once Again"

A brilliant essays from super smart Jew Daniel Greenfield. 

Really well done.


"The Empire State Building was built in a year. During WW2, we built almost 100,000 aircraft in a year. The 1,700 mile Alaska Highway was completed in a year. Compare that to Obama’s California high speed train to nowhere which got its start in his stimulus plan in 2009 and whose deadline he had to extend to 2022. In the 19th century, railroad crews laid 10 miles of track in one day between sunrise and sunset."

"It took a decade and billions of dollars for New York City to build a subway that runs 20 blocks."

"But in a bold and courageous address, President Trump laid out a tremendous vision that runs from transforming our education and health care systems and rebuilding our military, to curing diseases, unleashing technological wonders and even, “American footprints on distant worlds.”

[Ed. note: great line. As was the line about the American warrior's legacy being 'etched into eternity' during the SOTU speech.]

"It is a vision of revitalized industries, rebuilt cities and thriving communities. It is the America that once was and might have been if history had taken a different turn on a cold fall night in Chicago."

"And it can be ours again."