Friday, March 3, 2017

Lots For You To Read, My Infidel Friends....Friday BONANZA, GONZO READING LIST

Yes, I know I "disappear" from time to time, but I'm usually just doing my real life thing(s) and collecting information to put up here when I can. I'm obsessed with information and reading but I guess there are worse things to be addicted to than knowledge. 

Anyway, here are a few days worth of links for your consideration. 

Spot on from Dennis Prager on immigration. Excellent, read the whole thing.

Obama is very sinister. And actually, the language that they are using is appalling. When I think of “let’s roll” I think of Todd Beamer. Period.


Nothing to see here.

Europe so rapey.


Here’s the real question. Well it’s my real question anyway: 

Anyone listening?

Is there a specific number of rapes and sexual assaults that will have to have been committed by Muslim migrants upon Western girls, boys and women before anyone says ‘enough’?

I fear I already know the answer: no.

Maybe everyone in Europe should just stay home all the time.


Remind me why Australians ‘need’ more of these kinds of immigrants.


This is a nice piece, with lots of bits of pretty obvious common sense.

Money cannot buy you happiness. 

It’s actually the one thing you will never, ever, ever, EVAH EVAH EVAH be able to buy with your money. The most important things are not the things you can buy, but the people you love, the children you raise, the parents you treasure, the friends you keep and living a righteous and meaningful life. Money is nice, and of course it buys freedom and creatures comforts but not happiness. Happy is from within. Act happy and happy will follow. I’m not advocating being poor by the way. Being poor sucks.


Judaism actually instructs people, to do the action, and then get the understanding. This is not a matter of dogmatic obedience or blind faith. This goes back to when the Jews received the Torah at Sinai and they said “na’aseh v’nishma”. We will DO and we will (hear) understand. By DOING things, you understand them. That’s also why Chabad for example encourages Jews to take upon themselves actual concrete elements of Jewish practice: lighting Shabbat candles, giving charity, making blessings. You do-and then you understand. Judaism is about actions, not good intentions. Good actions.

Another thought just occured to me right now: “na’aseh v’nishma” also enables every single Jew to be merited (credited) with a mitzvah (commandment, not ‘good deed’ in contemporary parlance) even if they cannot fully understand it. That’s a remarkably progressive notion for an ancient religion. Just thinking of my own child who doesn’t have the capacity at the moment for understanding the mitzvot, but he does them. He doesn’t have to understand them to be merited with them.


He's a spokesman for Netanyahu and speaks fluent Arabic. You know when there will be peace? When the exactly reciprocal thing can happen FOR JEWS IN MUSLIM COUNTRIES. This is a very nice video, and kudos to these women and to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. But as I say, PAGE ME WHEN THERE ARE JEWS AT MECCA GENERAL HOSPITAL.


Melanie Phillips: Viewing antisemitism through a glass, darkly (must read)

Must read, the antisemitic cowards of the American left: “From Al Sharpton to Jesse Jackson to Keith Ellison, there’s a safe space for anti-Semitism on the left.

Woman with Down Syndrome to present the news in France ‘after winning French hearts’.

Migrants in Eurabia: free apartments not good enough, we want free houses (and they will probably get them)

Women living in fear in Sweden-Tucker Carlson talks to Katie Hopkins of the Daily Mail

America gets rapey.


Teen may never walk again after HPV vaccine.