Sunday, June 11, 2017

KRENK ALERT!!!! Do You Sneeze When You See the Sun?


OMG finally the answer to another one of my dumb krenks.

See more about "krenk" here:

“Krenk” is another word I listed in the title to this post. It means, “Illness, malaise, adj. sick.” It’s not a word typically heard mixed with English, so it’s hard to know how someone would use it, but here’s an example in Yiddish: “ikh bin nu krenk.” This is very similar to German, again, because “krank” means “sick” in German, and the sentence I included as an example is close to the German sentence, “Ich bin sehr krank.” (In fact, I typed in “I am so sick” into an English-Yiddish translator, and voila. Or should I say: “oysnemen!” Which apparently means “success.” That is a word that is not very closely related to English or German.)"

Krenk is actually more like a weird thing that you have. It's not really used as "illness", more like just one of those things that you have, mostly benign but sort of weird stuff. Like, I have weird ridges on my nails, that's one of my krenks. 

It's actually just a glorious word that has no exact translation into English but if you use it enough and if you have krenks (and FOR REAL AND NOT FOR JOKING who doesn't), you'll get used to it and use it right. 

OK I am cracking myself up right now. 

(Another one of my krenks...)