Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Link Dump For Your Reading Pleasure

Things have been quite busy lately. And even though 'busy people always have time', I'm afraid I'm quite exhausted by day's end.

I don't mean to kvetch, but I really don't have a lot of time to write as of late.

I am, as always, saving up vast swaths of links for your perusal, I just don't always have time to throw them up on the blog.

But here's a few that you need to read:


Very cool story: JRR Tolkiens Jewish Great Grandson

What an amazing boy. American Jewish teen raises money to send Holocaust survivor to Israel to meet last living relative.

Must read: the political left and it’s “anger privilege”. Read the whole thing.


Woman raped nine times by three asylum seekers who filmed the attack (in Germany).

I love this guy. The amazing Douglas Murray: Europe determined to commit suicide by diversity/migration.


Celebrate Female Genital Mutilation with summer “vacation cutting”. I used to go to summer camp. This is a different kind of summer experience.

Sarah Hoyt: On being persona non-grata. (Really good and I resemble her remarks.)

I've also been listening to a tremendous podcast by James Delingpole, and I will post that later if I remember. It's a fabulous interview with Roger Scruton and you will not want to miss it. If you don't want to wait till I post it you can just totter over to iTunes and download it yourself. It's simply called the Delingpole podcast. I am just mesmerized by this one. The one with Tommy Robinson was also really good. 

(Very interesting that Mr. Delingpole started out-like Mark Steyn-writing about the arts and music. There's so much good stuff in this particular episode that I am sad I'm almost done. Great stuff.)