Friday, June 16, 2017

Steyn: The Left Doesn't Want to Debate, It Wants to Shut Down the Debate


Mark Steyn is truly at the top of his game while discussing the latest political violence coming from the left.

Perhaps most importantly: he's also wearing a lovely suit and tie AS ALWAYS. Lovely colour combination and I wonder if he coordinated the striped tie situation with Tucker? Did they call each other before? I do like Tucker's preppy style as well, and GAWD I love The Face! The bemused, OMG I cannot believe what I am hearing face. Seriously. Love that.

So Tucker, you carry on with your look, it's working for you! Don't go changing...Stay away from pocket squares, that's really Steynian sartorial territory. Just sayin' and yes I know I am basically talking to myself because I highly doubt that Tucker Carlson is going to be getting style (or any other) advice from a slightly unusual, Zionist, SteynFrauian, suburban Jewish mother. One can always aspire though to great things!

*clears throat*

*channels President Trump*



Actually, these two have a really good chemistry and I like when Mark makes Tucker crack up and he lets out a real belly guffaw. I think it would be fun to have a beer with these two. OK maybe not a beer but some fine, kosher, dry red and a YUGE kosher steak at some fine, high-end kosher establishment, full of wild and crazy Jews somewhere in Manhattan. I'll have mine medium well, and my husband medium rare, thanks....


HMM. Nice suits, nice guys. Dinner, conversation, yucking it up. Hmmm...

Oh right RIGHT RIGHT OKAY OKAY OKAY: the thuggish left and its appetite and lust for violence.

Do watch both videos. Here's the first:

I really have no patience for the idea that "both sides" need to tone down the rhetoric because there's only one side that wants to shut down debate. There's only one side that is not capable of putting together a cogent argument and winning people over by logic and reason and persuasion, rather than through intimidation and violence.

There's only one side suing religious Christians because of cake-baking preferences. There's only one side forcing religious people to essentially denounce their religious convictions or else they will have their children taken away by the state. There's only one side that doesn't believe in 'live and let live'.

The political left needs to be forced, kicking and screaming back to some semblance of political civility. Kicking and screaming. And the crybabies have to be forced into behaving properly.

Here's video number two! There's The Face!!!!

The political left will not acknowledge that it is responsible for this because they don't see violence as bad. They don't think they are being violent. For them, violence from left to right is a good thing. They like it, and Mark is right, they are turned on by it.

Anyone who says that 'both sides' need to be introspective and work for "unity" is misguided and actually quite deeply sinister. A conservative that says that is not worth their salt. It's an obfuscation of reality, it's a mealy-mouthed way of throwing in the towel because you want "people" to "like" you (a highly overrated and silly goal).

This is the moral equivalent of paying protection money. And I think we all know how that ends up working out.

Stop paying protection money and stop trying to be popular!

You're welcome!

What we need to do is to force these people, these violent, lying, scumbag thugs, into the civil behaviour that is incumbent upon a citizen of a democracy. We cannot ask for this to happen. Please oh pretty please/unity/blah blah/both sides is not going to cut it, cupcakes.

We cannot wait for this to happen, we have to make it happen. Demand civility. We have to make it impossible for them to behave badly and in a lawless fashion. They are bullies.

Mark is right that there is a blood excitement on the part of the left. This is clearly something that the political left has in common with the jihad. Another factor of the torrid, nihilistic romance between the two. Til death to they part. Ours! Screw that!

Believe the jihadis, they will always tell you the truth. Do not believe the Western "leaders"who are throwing our children to the (lone) wolves.

Here are some more thoughts for you to consider as the Western world declines:

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Start small.

Pick your battles.

Do the things you can, not the things you can't.

Teach your children well. And by well, I mean: Western values.

Hug all loved ones.

Shabbat Shalom.