Friday, June 16, 2017

Who Is Watching the Watchmen?

From the Netherlands.

Another member of the security apparatus protecting Geert Wilders is suspected of corruption and leaking information to criminals (and who knows-maybe terrorists).

There's a whole lot of information here.

Furthermore, as Geer Wilders himself notes: 

"If I can no longer blindly trust the Service that must protect me, I can no longer function. That is unacceptable", he tweeted at Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

That seems to be the plan, not an accident or incompetence. 

It's probably"unacceptable" to discuss the fact that it would behoove the security forces to consider what the chances are that a security officer of Moroccan descent would be entirely devoid of emotion with regard to protecting Geert Wilders in particular. That's a legitimate issue.