Friday, June 16, 2017

"A Wake Up Call For British Jews"

Only if they are ready to be woken. 

"The time has come to speak plainly and face reality."

"As far as British Jews are concerned these elections, which almost brought to power an outright anti-Semite and friend of terrorists, means that the red line has been crossed."

"Many in the U.K. view the country's Jews as pariahs. The anti-Israel rhetoric has reached unprecedented levels both in street demonstrations and at the universities where many Jewish students conceal their Jewish identity and in some cases, even display hostility toward Israel to curry favor. Schools, synagogues and other Jewish communal venues require armed guards and the situation will only deteriorate with time."

"All committed Jews should ask themselves whether, in this climate of intensifying hostility, they should consider coming to Israel or at least encourage their children to immigrate, so that they can openly take pride in their Jewish heritage without fear. The majority are likely to remain, but some of the most committed will hopefully consider making Aliyah."

"This needs to be a wake-up call."