Sunday, June 11, 2017

Europe: Choosing Suicide


More European death watch articles for your reading "pleasure":

A reminder to the left (old article): you can have a liberal, sexually diverse society OR sharia. Pick one. You're welcome.

The Great Douglas Murray asks:

"When did British voters start rewarding antisemitism?" 

He notes:

"One of the interesting things about ‘diversity’ is that it allows almost anything to happen."

Another (unintended???) consequence of CELEBRATE DIVERSITY in Europe is that we can't talk about the oldest hate anymore. 

Paranoid leftist Jews get their panties in a wad about Holocaust denial. Wrong battle my bungle-brained bubbalehs. 

You know who is your master? 

The guys telling you to shut up. 

You know what the biggest problems are? 

The ones that Big Shut Up wants ban from discussion. 

You know who is in charge? 

The people that you're not "allowed" to joke about or to make fun of. 

In the absence of real conversation there can only be echo chambers and propaganda. 

That is a terrible way to live, but that's the road we are travelling on. 

You know when a society is in its death throes? 

When it "celebrates" the "diversity" of the slaughtered masses. Shame on this wretched, wicked woman. This is not a "proud" story, it's a disgraceful white flag and the literal equivalent of pissing on the victims' graves while fresh earth has not even settled on their coffins. Screw this shameful, sinister attitude. And screw all the "silver lining" people.