Thursday, July 5, 2012

Bombshell: Men Don't Like Dating Bitchy Women

Imagine that. 

And this has nothing to do with "being too clever" (or too modest I suppose...) to "catch" a man.

Surprisingly large numbers of smart women are actually married. So, this is about not being "too clever" but rather about not being such a critical, nitpicky crankypuss toward men that you become a complete turn off.

"A quick survey of my family — who seemed more than happy to point out my flaws — revealed that I frown when I think people are saying daft things. I also talk too quickly, too loudly, jump into people’s sentences, so even when I’m agreeing with them, I sound intimidating. And I can’t keep quiet whenever a ‘smart Alec’ comment springs to mind."

I cannot think of a better how-not-to-behave on a date list. 
This gal could also stand to loose a few pounds.

Being nice, not sarcastic, not making faces at people even (or particularly) when you think they are a moron and being slim and courteous a very good start for a healthier social life.