Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beware the Writing on the Street Steyns of Doom!

A great read.

I'd be laughing if I wasn't crying.

Actually, I'm not even crying-I'm weeping into some astonishingly average, Canadian goat cheese that is truly not arousing stirring my taste buds.


"Americans, so zealous in defense of their liberties when it comes to guns, are cheese-surrendering eating-monkeys when it comes to dairy products. On the roads, on the cheese board, in health care, in banking privacy, and in a zillion other areas of life, many Europeans now have more freedom than Americans. For the record, I'm consistent in these matters — I want it all: assault weapons and unpasteurized Camembert, guns and butter. Certainly, cheese makes a poor attitudinal rallying cry."

OH MAH GAWD that's gotta hurt!

(Has Jonah Goldberg seen that yet?)

But seriously, cheese is a perfectly reasonable rallying cry.

And I rather like that freedom checklist:


Incredibly rich and fattening French cheese-especially the ones with the rind, fresh butter, contraband farm eggs, dry red wine, picnics on red and white checkered cotton picnic blankets-thread count, oh-who knows, but with those nice large wicker baskets-and perhaps a baguette, oh-cloth napkins, you know those lovely colourful fabrics from Provence, maybe some olives...

Moderately rousing arousing!

Sorry what were we talking about?


Beware the Writing on the Street Steyns of Doom!

Read the whole thing!

(PS: America, you're wonderful, but "American cheese" is not cheese, it's well...gosh darn it...it's plastic!)