Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who Cares About A Minute of Silence At the Olympics

Not me. 

I couldn't care less. Now-I should also say that I don't care much for the Olympics either.

But a one minute, forced, fake tribute to dead Jews also does not do it for me. This idea, like Anne Frank's tree should be shut down/burned down.

Who needs fake sentimentality about dead Jews?

I would rather have sincere actions and uses of force that protect living Jews, rather than any expression of momentary upset about murdered Jews.

The activists gunning for a minute of silence have their hearts (perhaps) in the right place, but are misguided and naive.

A minute of silence won't bring anyone back, won't provide any comfort to the families or provide any let up in anti-Semitism.

Dead Jews bring out the momentary weeping and misty eyes. Live Jews, especially fighting Jews, Jews with guns, bring out the venom of the Jew-haters.

They're just Jews! Who cares?


That's also the reason that I haven't commented on the terrorist attacks in Bulgaria. There are a few moments of crocodile tears from various world "leaders". But who really cares?

Every day that goes by without a murderous attack on Jews is a miracle.

But how can we Jews complain that nobody cares about our lives, or that Jewish lives are cheap-when we ourselves make deals with the devil, when we ourselves do not value our own lives enough ? 

The terrorist in Bulgaria was 100% Hizballah, no matter what his passport says.

He was released in a prisoner swap. He had been arrested in Israel and imprisoned and then let go.

We Jews need more of a take NO prisoners stance.

Jewish life is not cheap, but there are plenty of Jews who cheapen it with their feckless excuse for leadership.

They sign agreements in Jewish blood-the only real question is which Jewish family will be affected and in what country.