Monday, July 30, 2012

Oh Lordy Lordy: Vindication is Sweet

I once left a male friend speechless when I told him that shoes could be a make it or break it attraction thing for me.

(My husband wore nice shoes and still has nice shoes-don't worry...)

He could not believe what I was saying. I said that shoes tell a great deal of information about people-as do watches (but not as much as shoes).

Thank you researchers for the vindication!!

Happy day!!!

As it was put by Clinton Kelly from TV's "What Not to Wear"-I'm paraphrasing slightly: shoes make or break the outfit, that's the reason why strippers wear the shoes they do, and nuns wear the shoes they do.

And no-this is not shallow.

What you message "out" to the world in appearance and attitude says a lot about you. That's the way it is.