Sunday, January 6, 2013

Welcome to Socialized Medicine

Socialized medicine means that the government owns your body, your treatment options and your health. 

This woman had to go to New York for surgery after her original back surgery was botched here in Ontario, and doctors here either told her that surgery to fix the problem was beyond their ability, or to come back when she was in a wheelchair (!!!!).

I'm not surprised though.

So the family did their research and privately raised the money to go to New York, where the quality of medicine is clearly still superior to what we have here. (America, watch out for what Obama care is going to do to you all...)

The surgery was successful.

Read about her battle to have the out-of-province care paid for by the province.

When bureaucrats own your body-nothing good can come out of it.

This applies to when you are equally healthy, and also to when you are really in a desperate situation and want choices, and the best medicine that money can buy.

That is not to say that there aren't excellent, caring physicians here-there are many. But they, too are stymied by over-bloated bureaucracy and top-heavy administrations which keep them from seeing patients in a timely way. There should be more choices available to both physicians and patients.