Monday, March 2, 2015

Atara Beck: The Silence of the Official Jews

Actually, her title is "Will American Jewry Again Fail to Confront Historic Threat?"

Of course the answer is YES. They will fail because they are failing.

They are cautious and timid and have no interest in truly comprehending the existential threats.

Do read the whole thing. 

This summary of Jewish politics is actually via Beck's late father, but it remains devastatingly accurate: 

"Jewish politics, as strong today as ever, has been dictated by the fear of the goy (non-Jew)..."

"What will the goy say if I fight in order to live?"

"Will I still be a ‘nice Jew ‘who will receive a greeting from the president on the Jewish New Year, stressing the historic contribution of the Jew to Judeo-Christian civilization?"

"Will the politicians still continue to put on yarmulkas at political meetings in order to impress the Jews that they recognize the so-called Hebrew contribution to their civilized society?"