Thursday, March 19, 2015

Israel's Left Lives in A Bubble

The same, of course can be said about other countries.

"The leftists enhance each other in conversations at cafés and restaurants, in the Tel Aviv salons, in cinematheques and different cultural clubs. The people living outside Tel Aviv and the Jerusalem Cinematheque, outside the academia and the newspaper and television's news desks have completely different views. "

"The left likes to withdraw into itself, to hold internal discussions, to engage in internal quarrels, and shows contempt and disregard towards the voice of "Masuda from Sderot." [Ed.note: a typically Sephardic name from a working class, peripheral town bordering Gaza.]

"But the thing is that in one day of elections, the vote of Masuda from Sderot equals the vote of the president of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. It's the same opportunity, it's the same envelop – only the vote is different."  


Election scapegoat located. 


Netanyahu's Win, Obama's Loss

"Many Americans are disturbed by the Netanyahu–Obama animosity, and for good reason. In part, it is because they worry what it portends for Israel, which needs allies. But it also reminds them that they lack a leader who has a clear-eyed view of evil and understands peace through strength. Israel reelected a man like that; we will have to wait a little longer to elect our own."